Martial Arts Essentials

At M.A. Essentials, we strive for perfection. Our handmade Wing Chun dummies are made from the finest woods that we personally select.

We stand for durability, quality and service.


MA Essentials

Wing Chun Dummies

Because we believe that everyone should be able to train at a top level, we offer our Wing Chun Dummies in 4 different variations.

From the Basic model for the beginner to the Pro model for the demanding dojang. All of our products are made from responsibly sourced wood and hand-picked and assembled by a master woodworker.

We deliver from stock, so your order will be at your home or gym within a week!

MA Essentials

Other essentials

Because you as a Martial Arts practitioner need more than just a Wing Chun Dummy, we offer several other products in our Martial Arts webshop. Think Long-Poles, Wing Chun Knives and innovations such as a divisible Long Pole!

All of these products are the same; they are handmade by craftsmen with passion, love and respect for the sustainable materials and the final product they create.