The story behind Martial Arts Essentials

MA Essentials is a young company born of the combined passion for wood, woodworking and martial arts. We translate that passion into handmade essentials to take your martial arts practice to the next level.

At the cradle of the company is Fabian van Kralingen. He himself has a 2nd DAN in Taekwondo and has been in the interior design and woodworking business for 12 years. Due to the increasing demand for quality products in the martial arts world, an entirely new company was created; Martial Arts Essentials. In this, Fabian combines the expertise he possesses regarding woodworking, with the passion he has for the Martial Arts.

The first ideas and plans date back to 2012 when Fabian was approached by his then Taekwondo trainer James ter Beek, who is also Sifu in Wing Chun and Jeet Kun Do. The question came if Fabian could fix his Wing Chun Dummy. This was soon followed by the question of whether he could make his own dummy for them. This gave Fabian the idea of exploring the market, the product and the best production opportunities. Now, 5 years later, there is a top product in the market that is unmatched purely on quality, and at a very good price!

-Fabian himself during training, here performing the dolleyo chaggi-

In a responsible manner

We at MA Essentials don't just value our products. We also stand for the use of sustainable and renewable resources. After all, it is our collective responsibility to use the increasingly scarce natural products such as wood, leather and fine metals sparingly.

By buying smartly from local gardeners and landscapers, for example, we reduce the impact we make on the environment when producing our Essentials. Why shred that ancient tree that will be cut down anyway into biofuel, when we and can make brilliant products from it!

-Timbered Ash from a local farmer on the property, cut into planks for the production of MA Essentials.

Together you are stronger

Alone is just alone... Together you are stronger... Many hands make light work... And so we could go on and on! As much as we at MA Essentials stand for excellence and innovation, of course we are not all-knowing in this area. After all, you, the martial artist yourself, know best what you lack in order to practice your sport at your level.

Is there an Essential MA product for you that you can't find in our shop? Get in touch with us! We have a large network of professionals and martial artists and are always willing to see if we can produce your specific MA Essential. Thus, together we are building an even wider and more diverse assortment.