MA Essentials has 4 types of Wing Chun Dummy in production. What do you consider when choosing the right model?

You can train very well on all of our models, however, available space is often an important consideration. Our Basic type has by far the smallest footprint. With a base plate of 40 x 60 centimeters, you can put it in almost any room at home, with about 120 centimeters of free space left for the Dummy. So you can train on this regardless of the space available.

Do you have a little more space and a piece of free wall to attach a Dummy to? Then Type Regular is the model for you. This hangs on the wall in a rack 140 centimeters wide and, depending on how high you want to hang it, 160 centimeters high.

Type Premium has the same footprint as Type Regular. However, this one is made entirely of ash wood which makes it even more solid. This puts this type on the same level as traditional hardwood dummies.

For gym owners, we have a model tailored to the diversity of martial artist who will train on it. Thus, the body, arms and knee piece are easily adjustable in height. Also, the rack in which the body hangs is so strong that it can be used for intensive daily training. This is the Pro type.

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